Monday, November 23, 2009

Firewood and Pumpkins

This morning was spent with me unloading the firewood from the back of the truck and stacking it where accessible. I have another load to pick up later this week. Fun...Fun...Fun! (Not really. This is one of my least favourite jobs.)

Tomorrow I will be processing some leftover pumpkins. One is getting a little soft spot at the bottom, so I guess it is time. I'll be taking some pictures and posting the steps for those who have never done this before.

Also, with canning pumpkins goes the process of roasting pumpkin seeds. Mmmmmmm. I will experiment this year with some hot sauce added with the spices, I think.

Most of the farm markets are closing for the season around here now. I really do dislike this time of year. Too cold, too drab (well, we've actually been having sun here), and everything that drops leaves looks so dead. I keep thinking it won't be that long untill it is spring again.