Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tomatoes....Tomatoes.....and Hot peppers

The tomatoes have gone wild! The regular tomato plants are almost spent. Lots in the freezer for sauce and probably greenies for pickles or relish. The Amish Paste, however, are still going strong and are still huge, healthy plants. Lots in the freezer and more coming. Hope to have lots of tomato paste when these are done.

Tried Fish Peppers this year. HOT!!! I have saved some seeds for next year. If you've never saved pepper seeds, it is quite simple. Simply cut the pepper (before any cooking or pickling), pull out the seeds and allow to dry. Then package in a small envelope and store in cool place.

I made some Jalapeno vinegar, and also threw some in a sweet brine with some garlic and bell pepper slivers. (Use the same brine that would be used for any sweet pickle. I used the watermelon rind pickle brine recipe)

Tomorrow I will start the watermelon rind pickles.