Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weather and Planting

It is mid March and the weather has been beautiful, Another 80 degree day....not the norm for this area. It is sooooo tempting to start putting some seeds in. But then we need to remember what time of year it is, and that we are still open to cold snaps and even snow.

But, if you're really wanting to start some seeds, do what I'm doing and put together a quick cold frame. I really don't know how well this one will work, since the glass I'll be using has a tint to it (it is an old skylight from my parent's home). But I'm setting it up and giving it a try. that way I can put some seeds in like I want to, then hopefully be protected if we do get some snow or the temp gets back to normal.

I'm planning on putting in some lettuce.... I think. We'll see. Maybe I'll try something else as well.