Friday, May 14, 2010

"Transplants" to the Farm

Mom had some strawberry plants that were in the way of a new porch at their camp. So, I went down yesterday..before the rain...dug them up, brought them back and replanted them here in my strawberry patch.

As you can see, our pouring rain last night was benefical to the transplants, and the bees have already found the plants!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I received an email from Fort Lucas Farm in Colrain, Massachusetts, looking to both sell and purchase some critters.

They are looking for heritage turkey hens, preferably chocolate, palms and lilacs, but will consider others. As most of their hens were lost this winter, the "boys" are pretty frustrated, as you may guess, so I'm hoping posting here will help their dating scene a bit. Also, if someone is looking to trade, there is an extra royal tom available.

On the "sell" side, they have a polled Mooret Icelandic ram lamb available, as well as a white horned Icelandic ewe. For you llama lovers, there are llamas for fiber, breeding and guard stock.

Anyone interested can contact the farm direct @

413 624 3032 or

Ellen and Daniel Prosser
Fort Lucas Farm
Colrain, MA
Please contact the Prossers direct.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Oh No.....SNOW!!!

Clockwise (Left to Right) Tulips, Kitchen Garden (incl. garlic, herbs, edible flowers), tomato,

Lilac, Lily and Broccoli.

Woke up yesterday morning to..ugh...SNOW! The absolute worst of the "4 letter" words. Needless to say the poor plants and flowers that were out, were snow covered. This is exactly why any new plants I put in now are only those that are cold hearty.

Last night we had a frost watch. So, I was out coverng. I heard tonight will be the same, so everyone will stay covered. At least the winds are done. Now we just need some warmth.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


I am in the process of designing workshops, both on site and virtual. I hope to cover a variety of food and homesteading/small farm topics.

Keep watching here as well as on Twitter (@nchomesteader) for updates.

i hope

I have these little violets growing all over the yard and in my gardens. I started using them now for ground cover in the gardens. Works great! If I want to put something in, I just pull out some violets and plant what I want in that space. Otherwise, the violets are in there for fill.

I tried sugaring some of the violets, but I didn't use the right sugar (too coarse) and they pretty much collapsed...Ooops!.... I have to get the super-fine granulated sugar.
One thing to remember. African violets, the ones we all have in our houses and give as gifts, ARE NOT edible. Again, when wildcrafting, if you're not sure about something, either show it to an expert first or leave it alone.

New Livestock????

Nope! I'm not raising sushi now. It's just Shamu, my kitchen fish (because his tank is on the kitchen table). The little bugger will come over and beg for a hand out when I walk by. And now he has the one of the guppies doing the same. He also likes to eat out of your hand.

Ok 'Mu, there is the 15 seconds of fame you've been pestering me about.

Guess it's too nasty for outdoor work today. Winds are really blowing, and it has been pouring on and off. Cold too. I put some cold weather things in like broccoli and lettuce. I have eggplant, tomato and artichokes waiting to go in. I've started some other seeds.....little later than I wanted, but......

I did jump the gun a bit and put in 2 cherry tomato plants. But I put those up at the house (for quick munching), so if we do get a quick frost, hopefully they will be protected enough. We'll see!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Lost and Found in March

I should have posted this picture earlier last month, but this was a tiny tree frog that I found in the yard, on top of some snow, the morning after we had a very warm day and evening. I found him on my way to the compost pile.

This little guy looked like a tiny statue sitting on a pile of snow. I wasn't sure if he was still alive or frozen to death, but seconds after he was in my hand, I knew for sure. I could feel him coming back to life in my hand, and he was moving by the time I got in the house. (I never did get to the compost that day.)

I put him in an old plastic cup with an open hole cover, and let the frog sit on the counter for a few hours, until it warmed up more outdoors and he warmed up more indoors. Then I released him by my woodpile, away from any snow but near a nice big evergreen.

So cute! And just the reminder I needed that Spring was on the way.

Lilacs in Bloom

My lilacs are out. Not quite in full bloom, but close. I never realised, but they are edible. So, I am doing some research for recipes. I'll print links when I find some good ones!

I have to say, they always smell good.
You may be surprised as to what all is edible in your garden. It is fun to find out, but be VERY certain about what you are doing. Research WELL and if you're not absolutely sure, leave it alone!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What's Up Now?

It has been a busy time. Cleaning out the gardens, putting in herbs and vegetables that could take a cold snap (which we can still get here). I'm also putting in flowers, but edibles.

I cleaned out the strawberry bed and the horseradish. The strawberries are really spreading out, and I have another patch to transplant.

The gardens around the house are pretty cleaned out right now. Some spots here and there, but not bad. Today I was up at the little barn starting in the small vegetable garden. I'm so tempted to really start planting as it has been so nice, but unfortunately I'm in an area that has pretty changeable weather yet this time of year so it is risky. What a waste of time..... (I wait for the time I can live in an area with weather I can actually enjoy all year, not just a couple months! )

I have pictures downloading. I will start publishing tomorrow. And the blog should become daily soon!!!!!