Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I received an email from Fort Lucas Farm in Colrain, Massachusetts, looking to both sell and purchase some critters.

They are looking for heritage turkey hens, preferably chocolate, palms and lilacs, but will consider others. As most of their hens were lost this winter, the "boys" are pretty frustrated, as you may guess, so I'm hoping posting here will help their dating scene a bit. Also, if someone is looking to trade, there is an extra royal tom available.

On the "sell" side, they have a polled Mooret Icelandic ram lamb available, as well as a white horned Icelandic ewe. For you llama lovers, there are llamas for fiber, breeding and guard stock.

Anyone interested can contact the farm direct @

413 624 3032 or yenne@mtdata.com

Ellen and Daniel Prosser
Fort Lucas Farm
Colrain, MA
Please contact the Prossers direct.

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