Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What's Up Now?

It has been a busy time. Cleaning out the gardens, putting in herbs and vegetables that could take a cold snap (which we can still get here). I'm also putting in flowers, but edibles.

I cleaned out the strawberry bed and the horseradish. The strawberries are really spreading out, and I have another patch to transplant.

The gardens around the house are pretty cleaned out right now. Some spots here and there, but not bad. Today I was up at the little barn starting in the small vegetable garden. I'm so tempted to really start planting as it has been so nice, but unfortunately I'm in an area that has pretty changeable weather yet this time of year so it is risky. What a waste of time..... (I wait for the time I can live in an area with weather I can actually enjoy all year, not just a couple months! )

I have pictures downloading. I will start publishing tomorrow. And the blog should become daily soon!!!!!

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