Friday, December 31, 2010

Loooooong Winter...Already and What's New at NCH

Yes, I've been gone for a while. I got busy and time got away from me. Then we got hammered not long after Thanksgiving and the snow just didn't stop. (I'll post a few pictures later. ) Finally it least for now. 40's today and 50's tomorrow. Maybe some of this crap will thaw.

Anyway, seed catalogues are coming in and I'm putting together my wish list. Also trying to get things going for New Century Homesteader's Online Workshops, which will be starting in 2011. It will be busy and I hope I can get the advertisers and major sponsors necessary.

It is an international program and I hope to offer free and very moderately priced worshops and written pieces so all can access.

NCH will also be coming to online radio soon. It should be fun.

As for what is going on this absolute second? Well, I'm roasting a turkey carcus, given to me by a friend after Christmas, as they don't use it. I'm wanting to see what difference I get in flavour in soup by roasting the carcus first, before making the broth. Usually I just drop it in the pot.

Also, I'm trying my hand at ketchup making. Making up my own recipe, so we'll see. My Mom wants me to complie and publish my recipes, and I probably will when I develop more of them.

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!