Sunday, June 16, 2013

RV Garden

Just put this year's vegetables in the garden at my parent's RV. Weather has been terrible however and it isn't doing quite as well as last year. I think the plants, except for the garlic, are getting stressed from all the wet weather and bouncing back and forth from warm to cold.

I will be doing more on RV gardening and following the progression of the garden this year. Meanwhle, enjoy photos of last year's garden!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Rain....Rain....Rain.......and More Rain.......

We have been getting dumped on here for over 24 hrs. While the lawn is like a sponge, the plants are loving it. Everything out in as a started plant is doing well, but anything put in as seed hasn't even started yet, except for a little sunflower.

The ground should be so much warmer by now, but we have been going from extreme to extreme. 90 degrees one day to 20 degrees below normal temp. only a few days later. Maybe the rains will give the seeds a good boost.

Also put my parent's RV vegetable garden in last weekend. I had started garlic for them in their garden area last year, so they would have a small harvest when they got back this year. A couple weeks ago it was beautiful with greenery around 18" or more in height. Then I came back a week later to find that someone had run the weed eater IN the garden (which is blocked and raised) and cut off the garlic tops. Grrr....... There was about 2" of a top left on each. However, it was up another 3" or 4" within a few days. I am hoping it will not affect the bulbs. The garden has been fenced!