Monday, September 20, 2010

Brrrrrr.....'s getting colder and the leaves are turning. I guess I'm one of the few people who don't see the "beauty" of the leaves changing colour here in upstate, as all I can see is summer gone and winter on it's way. I just can't seem to get past that. The only GOOD thing about winter is no lawn mowing. But then there is the snow to deal with. If I HAD to choose, I guess I'd mow, but I don't like either.

Since the deer or rabbits ate my pumpkin plants, I'm going to have to go down the road to the farm market and get my pumpkin this year. I guess next year's garden will have to be fenced.

Marley is doing well and using the litter box already, and providing well for the compost and tea!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Welcome Marley....!

And the newest member of the family is..."Marley". Marley is a Lion Head rabbit, which is a new breed. They get their name due to the fact that they do have a mane around their head, just like the male lion.

I won't be raising rabbits here. Marley's main job will be providing manure for "tea" and compost use. Eventually there will probably be a few more (maybe 2 more) to help Marley, but for now he is the sole employee in the rabbit droppings department.

Marley is not full grown, although he won't get much bigger. About 4 lbs at full weight. Nice size, since he is living in my little game/movie room!
Oh, and yes, he IS sitting in a cat litter box. Marley is being trained to go in a litter box.

I'm Back

It has been most of the summer since the last post. But, it has been a busy summer...and short! The gardens were troublesome this year. With rain, cold, seemed like you couldn't keep track of the players without a program! Right now I have a wonderful Black Zucchini vine full of blossoms. But it came late so unfortunately I may not get any vegetables off of it.

Tomatoes are still coming. The cherries and 4th of July's did the best. Horseradish is flourishing, and I will probably did some up soon. The grapes I put in did take, so I hope the vines will winter well. I'm finding the wild grapes are sweet this year! Yum!

As per usual, my dill doesn't want to grow here. I'll have to look at the soil next year. There must be a problem, but nothing that can't be fixed.