Saturday, January 5, 2013

Planting in Winter

Visiting my parents in Florida (hoping that I can also escape New York State and all the BS there soon as well), and have gotten them to combine decorative and edibles. I put in kale a few days ago, and the fig tree that I propagated for them is growing slow, but doing well. Their pineapple patch has been cleaned out with all the old spent plants removed and now we are waiting for those left to start producing. Usually get some very sweet fruit.

Coconuts are exploding this year, as are the tomatoes and Thai peppers. Mom gets some good harvests from the ginger as well. The collards around the fountain are ready to be picked and I may try a few hibiscus blossoms for tea. Harvesting lettuce from the containers.

We also have figs, tomatoes and hibiscus in pots, as well as peppers in pots. Trying a pineapple in a large pot as well, just to see how well it does in comparison to those in the patch.

This just shows how much you can really get into a small garden space, as they are water front and do have a small yard.

My first book (Vegetable and Herb Gardening) should be coming out this spring from Hatherleigh Press. It is part of their Backyard Farming series.