Saturday, May 8, 2010

New Livestock????

Nope! I'm not raising sushi now. It's just Shamu, my kitchen fish (because his tank is on the kitchen table). The little bugger will come over and beg for a hand out when I walk by. And now he has the one of the guppies doing the same. He also likes to eat out of your hand.

Ok 'Mu, there is the 15 seconds of fame you've been pestering me about.

Guess it's too nasty for outdoor work today. Winds are really blowing, and it has been pouring on and off. Cold too. I put some cold weather things in like broccoli and lettuce. I have eggplant, tomato and artichokes waiting to go in. I've started some other seeds.....little later than I wanted, but......

I did jump the gun a bit and put in 2 cherry tomato plants. But I put those up at the house (for quick munching), so if we do get a quick frost, hopefully they will be protected enough. We'll see!

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