Wednesday, May 27, 2009


If, as a consumer, you're not already familiar with the National Animal Identification System, I encourage you to please do so now, and help your local farmer fight this program. A good start is and from there you can find many, many other links in the margins.

Presented new as a program for "food safety", NAIS is anything but, as the program stops at the door of the big slaughterhouses and processors, the very places where most food contamination happens. Through premise id, it also turns the farmer from owner of his farm to merely a stakeholder. In fact, if passed, you will most likely lose some of the farms that you now purchase from.

Similar programs are already in effect in Australia and the UK. While the various government offices will state that the programs are working wonderfully, the farmers will tell you a much different story.

Please, read up, talk to your local farmers, contact your politicians. Attend a "listening session" in your area. Help to put the brakes on this program before it is too late.

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