Thursday, January 7, 2010


Yesterday afternoon and today, the crappy weather stopped long enough for me to "escape" the 4 walls and get out to do some necessary running. A few groceries, cat food (they get testy if their food runs out), post office stop, etc.

The little local grocery I go to makes fresh country sausage. There was some on sale yesterday, and when I saw it, sausage gravy on biscuits sounded soooooo good. So, for supper last night, I whipped some up, making my own simple gravy from milk, flour, butter, seasoned pepper, some drippings from the sausage and of course, the sausage. I made enough for a few more meals as well, but I need to watch how much of it I eat (not what you would call a diet food). Some will probably go in the freezer.

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