Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Home Made Garden Posts

A fron came off of one of the coconut palms the other day during a heavy wind. I have been trying to decide what type of support to use when I transplant my vanilla orchid. (Yes...the same plant that can produce vanilla pods.)

This morning, as I was moving the downed fron, I got to thinking that I could put at least part of it to good use.

So.....I cut off either end of the fron, leaving the center stem at the length that I desired. Then, I cut the leaves from the stem.  Sealing the 2 cut ends, the stem is now ready to use as a plant support. Because I cut this one long, I will be using it for my allspice tree, replacing the shorter supports. (Replacment in progress in last photo.)

Oops....just heard another fron go down in the wind. This one will be for the vanilla orchid!

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