Sunday, January 2, 2011

Getting a Jump on Spring

I couldn't resist, and stopped in an area greenhouse that is open year 'round here. Tough to find around here. Some plants were on sale...actually quite a few were, and there sitting amongst the sale items was one rosemary tree that was left over from Christmas. It was a beautiful plant and the price was excellent, but I have always had problems keeping rosemary of any form in the house. After talking with a couple of the employees (and finding out even the "pros" have problems keeping it in their house) I decided to take it home.

So, now I have a rosemary tree sitting in my window. After having no luck in keeping smaller rosemary plants in a southern window in a cool room, or a southern window in a warm room, I decided to put it in an east window in a moderate room. Not heavy sun (when we have it), but lots of light. I can only hope I can keep it going. I've tried everything else in the past. If this doesn't work, then I'm out of ideas. But I'm optimistic! It needed some trimming, so I already used some of the fresh trimmings in my turkey soup. And bringing it home, the truck smelled wonderful! A friend had gone out with me and commented on how good it smelled every time we got back in. It does look like the dirt in the pot will need some loosening, as it is getting really packed down. (I had to do the same with my meyer lemon tree and ornamental pepper plants as well.)

Everyone cross their fingers for this little rosemary tree (and me). I really want to be able to set it outside in the spring.

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