Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Missed Us.....

Well, not quite. But we didn't get the large amount of snow during the night that was predicted. Problem is, it is heavy and wet so even 3 or 4 inches can be a pain to shovel. Especially with a screwed up leg! But 'm getting it done a little at a time.

Glad to hear that Phil didn't see his shadow. I'm thinking he's sick and tired of all of this crappy weather as well.

Going to be working on a course today. So hopefully I can get the first one up in a few weeks...or less.

So, it's back to work I guess. If you're stuck in the storm or the end results, be careful and don't go out on the roads if you don't need to. Of course if you have critters, we all know they still need to be done no matter what the weather.

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