Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Food Security

On another site, we were discussing food security. One of the reasons I have created TNCH is food security. Everyone talks about how we have to "feed the world" but no one discusses food security for their own country, whatever country they're in. It is my opinion that you can't have food security as long as one country has to depend on another to feed them. Food security comes when a country can feed itself. Food security for individuals comes when they too, have the ability to feed themselves, which doesn't mean necessarially growing all your own foods, but maybe just a few things. And if a neighbor grows something and another grows something else, all of a sudden you find you can really take care of yourselves during an emergency!

And this goes past growing food. When the power went out one year during an ice storm, I cooked for both myself and neighbor. We had 3 hot meals every day for 5 days (when the power came back) thanks to my fireplace. I even surprized the guys with the power company when they came around to do some work, and I offered them a hot meal of sausages, fried potatoes and vegetable with their choice of hot coffee, tea or cocoa. One said I must have a gas stove, but when I said no, it was all coooked in the fireplace, they said that they didn't even think anyone knew how to do that any more.

The biggest thing for food security is, can you cope if there is an interruption?

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