Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Back Again

Gee....guess I was gone for a while. I had to take a trip down to Florida, and ended up having to extend my stay due to getting hit hard with some allergies. I don't know what it was, as I'm not allergic to any pollens or dust or anything like that, so it remains a mystery.

While I was away, I went to the International Flower and Garden Show at Disney EPCOT. Topiaries were great and it was so nice to see plants and colour. In SW Florida, I did some weeding in my parent's vegetable garden. Their flowers were so colourful too. Key West was a blast, as always, and I would look around thinking to myself that a container garden could work great here and here and here........

Then it was back to the gloom and colourless landscape of New York in the winter. Now it is snowing. My guess it will be a late spring which doesn't make me happy one bit. Time to move, I think.

I had babysitters for my lemon tree and rosemary topiary, and they are both doing great. I may start some seeds in a few weeks and hope that I'm wrong about a late spring.  I saw some really nice container vegetable gardens at EPCOT. Some combinations that I would not have thought of, like a small banana tree with spinach and a few other veggies planted around it in a container, but it worked well. Looked nice too. I got a number of ideas. I was hoping that someone would be selling some seeds, but unless I missed something, no luck.

Well, I'll be back on regular once again. Enjoy!

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