Monday, November 7, 2011

Potting Bench

Potting tables are usually tall enough to stand at. But what if you can't stand or can't stand for long? I have found that an old picnic table works quite well in this case. Of course, you can always just use a stool with a regular potting bench, but if you're in a wheelchair, that is probably not a viable alternative for 2 reasons, the first being that moving from the chair to the higher stool is not plausable, and second, the bench is probably going to be too high to sit in front of and use comfortably. 

An old picnic table allows a chair to pull up in front of it and a pretty comfortable height to pot from. It isn't a perfect solution, but I have found that it works for me on days I can't stand long.

And why do I say an old picnic table? Basically because it will get dirty, maybe a bit muddy, and covered with pots, trays, etc. It will be much easier to have a dedicated table for potting use, then to have to scrub the picnic table that you use for eating each time.  Yes, you could cover the table with a plastic cloth, but then when a freshly potted plant needs to be watered, anything water that leaks from the bottom of the pot will travel, creating more of a mess.

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