Saturday, August 8, 2015

Flea Trap Hack

For anyone who has a flea trap, you probably already know that they work like a charm and can be a great alternative to  sprays.

However you probably also know that the sticky papers that trap the fleas can get a bit expensive, especially if you're unfortunate enough to be dealing with an infestation. And of course there is the random tail that gets stuck to it as well.

This year, in dealing with some fleas, I again pulled out my flea trap. However, I was out of sticky paper. Then I remembered reading something about putting petroleum jelly on a cat's neck if the fleas run up to the head after giving the cat flea drops. The fleas are supposed to get caught in the jelly and die.

...BRAINSTORM.... I decided to smear the tray, where the sticky paper normally would go, with petroleum jelly instead. I did both the bottom and the sides of the tray. WORKS GREAT!!!!! And no sticky paper to stick to unattended tails and nosey little paws. To clean, I just wipe out with a paper towel and reapply the jelly.  And, your using something that you probably already have in your medicine cabinet.

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