Wednesday, August 19, 2015

New Link Upper Left

Please take a moment to look at a new link just added about canned hunts. Please be aware that I am not against hunting for food (this does not include for things like shark fin soup), but coming from a hunting family, you took only what you would be eating and would use as much of the animal as possible. You did not trophy hunt, you did not participate in a canned hunt, you did not hunt for the enjoyment or thrill of it and you did not hunt because you though a animal part was some sort of aphrodisiac, or some other ridiculous excuse. If you didn't have a good shot, you didn't take the shot, at the risk of an unnecessarily cruel outcome for the animal. But that said, if you did have a good shot, took it and the animal still ran, you tracked the animal and found it, not just walking away for the next "target".

 And you always kept in mind that you were taking a life in order to feed the family, not just shooting at some "thing".  And you were grateful and respectful to the animal.

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