Sunday, May 29, 2016

Justice For Harambe

This situation made me sick. Parents can't bother to watch their kid and the Harambe, the only victim here, pays the price. Poor judgement on ALL sides! 

 I hope these parents are charged with whatever they can be hit with, including the death of this animal. 

Just a few weeks ago 2 lions were killed in another zoo (non US I believe) because some idiot wanted to commit suicide in the lion enclosure. And maybe it is time for the zoos to come up with a faster working tranquilizer to protect their animals from the idiots who go to visit. 

When will animals stop paying for human stupidity? What a waste.


  1. This just shatters my heart into a million tiny pieces. As I watched this video it looks to me as if Harambe is trying to figure out what to do. What he knows is that there is an intruder in what he has come to know as his home. The "HOME" we put him in! It doesn't appear to me that he wants to hurt the child he simply is trying to figure out what to do. In the meantime while he is trying to think you have the humans (the ones that are supposed to be smarter) screaming, chattering, and the mother yelling mommy loves you over and over and over. If you just quietly watch; it almost looks like a pure magical moment between Harambe and child. There was no reason for that beautiful gentle creature that was just trying to figure out what to do with the little person that apparently was not being watched by that "Mommy that loves him" to lose his life. A life of only 17 years. It does not take a brilliant mind to realize if Harambe wanted to kill the child it would have been done; he had 10 minutes to do so. It just is not right that Harambe lost his life. "Society" put him in that zoo, "The mother" did not watch her child, and "Society" killed him. I have 6 grandchildren that I love dearly; I also love all of God's creatures. I do not take my grandchildren to zoo's for this reason alone. Not because they are unsafe but because I do not believe God created these beautiful creatures for us to be allowed to gawk at them in an environment that is unnatural to them. What we do to animals especially in this country is horrendous. I am ashamed to be a part of a society that chose to kill Harambe. It is not ok, zoo's are not ok, the mass production of wasted meat is not ok, whales and others in captivity is not ok, circus animals are not ok. All of this speaks volumes of who as Americans we have become. We need to change, we need to become better people therefore a kinder country. It is beyond awful that Harambe lost his life due to our negligence and yes whomever was supposed to be watching that child should be charged not only with child endangerment but she/he should also be charged with the needless death of that majestic creature "HARAMBE" R.I.P. beautiful boy pray there is a better place after this. A place without carelessness and stupidity in regards to life of all God's creatures.
    Judith A. Williams

  2. Beautifully said.!! I totally agree with you.