Sunday, May 1, 2011

Of Teepees, Beans and Herbs...

I've had it with the northern climate this year, so I've been diving in and starting on the garden. I hope that it doesn't come back to bite me later, as we can still get frosts through May, so I'm having to really pay attention to weather.

I'm only doing cooler weather things right now. Some chard, lettuce and parsley have already gone in, and lettuce has started coming up. Looks like parsley as well. I have started building teepees for peas and beans,although I think I may let the Scarlett Runners go right up one of the bushes on the side of the herb garden as they get so tall. I also put some new herbs in to expand the herb garden. I've added marjoram and chamomile. I also had to tie up a sage plant. It was getting a bit heavy and falling over a bit.

I've also been trying to figure out where other things will be going in the various gardens around the house, barn and even garage. And I started some more seeds indoors today as well as purchasing 2 tomato plants to get an early crop while waiting for the ones I'm starting from seed.

Hoping for a great garden this year!

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