Friday, March 4, 2016

And the Windstar Fight Continues

Anyone who is looking for a used vehicle, not walk....away from the Ford Windstar. A vehicle plagued with problems since day one, Ford, it seems has had to be pushed into doing some life or death took them what.....12 + years to do the axle recall?

Now I am in a fight with them, if I can even get them to be honest. My Windstar should have been bought back a few years ago, with the first axle problem. But, it wasn't and a "band aid" Ford style, was applied. Now, it seems their "band aid" didn't work and they want to put yet another "band aid" on this axle that can break in half! My question to them is why wasn't it bought back when the others were, especially when the frame was rotting on it...yet another Windstar problem that had recalls...except for mine. For some reason, they didn't want to bother.

I have contacted the CEO and he hasn't even had the courtesy, much less the courage I guess, to respond. I have posted photographs of these problems on Ford's Twitter but they still do not seem to be bothered. Guess I need to get badly hurt in this vehicle first.

The next kick in this Windstar story, is the side bottom of this vehicle rotting out (I have never...ever...had a vehicle rot like this), and I see what looks to be a small plastic garbage bag of something, falling out. Again, I contact and ask Ford why there is a plastic bag falling out of this vehicle's body and post a picture. Again I'm ignored.

This time, I am contacting Mr. Ford himself, hoping that he has the courage to respond. We shall see. However, this has told me alot about Ford, and has soured me to the brand, especially when they continue to make excuses for such a dangerous vehicle.

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