Monday, March 21, 2016

ASAP Garlic Relish

If you love sweet pickle relish and you love garlic, but have no time on your hands to make it fresh, here is a great shortcut that is sure to please.

Simply purchase your favorite commercial sweet relish, or pull a jar of your homemade off the pantry shelf, and add 3 to 4 peeled, FRESH, average sized cloves of garlic! Mix the whole cloves right into the relish, cover and let sit. (Clove numbers may vary to your taste and jar size. This is based on a 12.5 oz size.)
Within a few days.....sometimes within 24 hours, the fresh garlic will begin to permiate the relish, giving you a wonderful garlic flavor to your relish!

Leave the garlic cloves in till you have the desired flavor, or as I usually do,  leave the garlic in the jar until it is almost empty, then finely chop the garlic for use in tuna salad or any other culinary use you may find, as the sweet relish will have permiated the garlic as well!

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